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GLEN Community Call: Considering the Election Together

Date: Nov. 15, 2020. Time: 10:00-12:00PM Pacific.

As a global learning community, sharing the purpose and practices of collaborative change to address the challenges of our time we are paying close attention to the United States presidential election. 
Regardless of the outcome, Karen Wilhelm Buckley and John Schinnerer are convening an Exchange where we gather in community and speak together about our experiences, meaning-making, and meaningful action.
We’ll consider together both the stirring up and the coming into focus with questions like these:
  • How are we disturbed? What is being undone?
  • What have we made this disturbance mean? What were we assuming? What belief is being challenged?
  • What strengths have been revealed? What is the best of what has happened that we can affirm or acknowledge now? What is in place that we use to settle ourselves?
  • How will I engage with the change? What can I support? What meaningful action is ours to take, individually and collectively?
It’s hard to know what we are responsible for. What we can actually change. 
A question now is how to thoughtfully engage, ask uncomfortable questions, and dig for a willingness to systematically contribute to changes that will build a different future.

Whether this exchange continues beyond this first gathering remains to be seen. We’ll discover that together.

Please note the date has shifted from 11-14-2020 to 11-15-2020